MATCH REPORT 2017_10_12

Vs  Dynamo Tehran

4-3 Win

TK, RH (1), CG (G), CB (1), AW (1(MOM)), TW (1(MOM))

What a game to return to. After trekking the jungles of Sumatra and Malaysia in search of volcanos, baby elephants and orang-utans , whilst fighting off gangrene, ross river fever, etc, it was amazing to come back to the open arms of the Nanna’s and play an awesome game against one of longest lasting adversaries.

The game started off a little shaky even though we got the first goal. By half time we were a goal down.

After a little pep talk from the captain, and of course from the goalie, we came out with a little extra in the tank and managed to find the back of the net 3 more times whilst holding our opposition back enough only allowing them one more goal in the second half.

Big win for the Nanna’s and a great first game back after 5 weeks.

Then, after only 2 days back in the country there I am preparing to go away for some serious BBP with the brethren. What a week, what a weekend. Still glad I didn’t go for a swim in the middle of the night.

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