get your team photo and treat it as you will.

save two versions as medium quality jpegs. 1 which is biggish (apx 1000 pixels on the long side) and one which has a width of 430 pixels (which is the max column width for the posts). give them names to clearly discern between the two, for example: nannas_061026.jpg and nannas_061026_small.jpg

logon to the blog and write a post

in the upload pane click the browse… button and point to your larger full size image, and click upload.

follow step 4 with the 430 pixel wide image

you should now have two photos, click on the first one and a little menu pops up, click on use thumbnail and it should change to use original, click on not linked and it should change to linked to image. Select where in your post you want to insert the image and then click on Send to Editor. the image should appear in your post, if the big one is there instead delete it and repeat with the other thumbnail.

Select the image in the post and click on the little chain link button in the tool bar at the top (insert/edit link)

Where it says Link URL change the name of the file to the name of the larger image and hit update

Hit save and continue editing then scroll down and check that it works

View the site and witness the magic, send to everyone in your address book

Remember the tutorial when it’s MOM voting time…

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