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Season Stats Spring/Summer 2012

Nannas it is my great privilege to release the team stats for Spring/Summer 2012.  Possibly the penultimate APISC results.

Stats have been ratified by upper management’s Statistics sub committee. The sub committee finding that the results fall within the guide lines as specified by Nanna voting code 1.

It was a tight race to the top and the tension in the counting room became too much for many of the committee members.

Congratulations to big Jim Hannan, a deserved winner of the seasons MOM award, and also to Tao and Cheezles Jal Frasey for a hard fought second place.

Not so tight a race in the Goals department – Cocky Cockshanks storming home by a huge margin, supreme effort form the big man up front.

Comittment was well spread this season, pats on the ball sack all round


Season Stats Winter 2012

The stats are long overdue and for that I am sorry  but they were worth the wait.
No triple crown but a double for Cocky and what a double, standout season, it’s lucky the trade window has closed.
Deserved win for the powerhouse up front, the goal scoring machine, he’s beautiful, like a flower, a tough flower, not a pansie, maybe a magnolia.

And to the mighty Ghee Frasay,  Mr always-there, solid and dependable the daffodil of the Nannas.

Well done Nannas


That’s right Nannas it’s Stats time and it’s been a corker of a night here at the upper management points tally. Free flowing beverages, the crowds, the hype and it was all worth it, what a cliff hanger – we’ll never do it on the coast again.
But enough about me.
It was always going to take a big man to pull the crown from a double triple-crown Striker, and that big man, a double-crown big man is big Jim Hannan, hats off to you Jimbo, worthy, worthy, worthy. MOM and Commitment – tasteful.
Cocky stands tall with a standout performance in the striker division, easily the most strikerly of the Nannas.

Although – in a twist that could see the tides turning there are three missing reports – and two of them are Cocky’s, one of them Tao’s. Upper management is still locked in a tight and fiery debate as to what punishment befits this crime.
Watch this space
stats mid o8

Nannas Match Report 071101a

Nannas A Vs The Golden Nannas | 7-6 ?
CB, DC, RH, TH, TW, TK, AW, CG (goals to be confirmed)

After much unresolved discussion regarding the substitution policy of a “loose 8” the Nannas were left high and dry by whoever the fvck they were meant to be playing. No matter, the Nannas would fight it out amongst themselves. in The Brown corner under Captain Kondo (Woohoo! very great to have Takeshi back in the nanna fold) were DC, RG & AW, in the golden corner guided by Captain Gill were CB,TW & TH. Four aside means one thing, running. Nannas A started brightly and were looking good but The Golden Nannas started slicing us up and were soon well in front. In the second half the tables turned and Nannas A pulled it back ( a notable Hleb-esque strike from RH). It was neck and neck (though the golden nannas were in reciept of an own goal) when TW was heard to yelp before crumpling to the ground. Down to 3 men the Golden Nannas put up a valiant fight (whilst Nannas A seemed to go into slow mo) but it wasn’t enough, AW sliding home the nutmeg* winner in the dying minute…

but back to the subbing, dual goalie controversy. Le Coq Numerique has gone part way to solving the problem.


…but wait there’s more. At the pub after the game The Nannas were treated to a sneak preview of the wonders of the CHDK firmware hack . Which is of special interest to the G7 owners in the crowd. Kudos to Guy “reach around” Fraser for wording up the author…

* possibly inaccurate

spring/summer 06 stats rev 1.0

That’s right nannas, the stats have been controversially revised. After some painstaking forensic work by D’Coq and the Coach new evidence was unearthed which has given us a much clearer picture of the season. There are still some minor niggling inconsistencies but they are not crucial in the final order of things.



a brief summary:

The Majors:
Crooks takes the award for most committed nanna with 13 appearances
Brown takes the award for most MOM votes over the season with 53
Crooks takes the Striker trophy with a total of 22 goals

The Minors:
most on-field appearances 12 – shared by Brown, Crooks, Hannan and Wong
Most MOM awards 4 – shared by Brown and Crooks
Most MOM votes in a single game 10 – shared by Brown and Crooks
Best MOM vote average 4.5 – Gill
Most goals scored in a single game 5 – Shared by Brown, Crooks and Weis
Best goal average 1.85 – Crooks

for full stats: nannas-stats-season00-06-07.pdf
for all the graphs: nannas-graphs-season00-06-07.pdf

A decision still has to be made regarding Wals flagrant disregard of the Nanna code in not posting a single report after taking home the MOM twice, a possible 15 MOM votes may yet be deducted by upper management…

The forensics team would also like to point out the importance of full and accurate stats in match reporting.

brown and proud.
ps. Kudos to the captain for the initial compilation upon which this revision is based