The Nannas are a hansome group of young men who enjoy their smell and proudly wear brown. Gathered loosely under the format of “sporting unit”, the Nannas have a vast throng of attentive followers and admirers. Formed in 2000 and something, the Nannas first outing was a thrashing by the Brazillian indoor team 20 – 1. Since then things have improved. Initially their progress was documented on a poorly coded website (here).

The Nannas Are (in alphabetical order):

Christopher Brown
AKA: Chas, Chazzy, Cha Chi, Charles, Chip, the Chasvestito, the Chasbian, Chasalingus, Martin

Daniel Crooks
AKA: Cocky, Striker, Cockstriker, Cockbanger, Cockbringer, Cockbringbanger, Cock the Hammer

Chris Gill
AKA: Giller, G-Force, G-Banger, Gilby the Bilby

James Hannan
AKA: Jim, Big Jim, The Ball Whisperer, BJ Honeycut, Don Johnson

Rhian Hinkley
AKA: Captain, Kurgen, Tight Little Brown Fuck

Thomas Howie
AKA: Coach, Tommy Toe Poke, Thermo, T-Bone, Col. Tommy Jaynger

Takeshi Kondo
AKA: Kondosan, The Tokyo Terror

Tao Weis
AKA: The Purple Man, Tower of Power, The Angriest Nanna in the World

Andy Wong
AKA: Wal, Wally, Wallmartin, The Backdoor Man

Currently on leave

Hugh Covill

Guy Fraser

Those who also serve/d

Marek Sumich

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