These 10, brown, proud men abide by one code and one code only.

Collaboration – team work, working as a team, there is no I in team, team love, passing
Offensive work – scoring goals, pleasing the ladies, assisting in goals and passing
Defensive work – stopping goals, off ball incidents, running back, passing
Equanimity – composure, an evenness of temperament, a lack of rage, passing

The CODE governs all, on-field actions as well as all off-field action as well as any actions that may take place while entering the field, otherwise deemed as being neither on or off the field, as well as actions while leaving the field. This covers all areas except the area of being carried off the field by a third party, where it is permissable for a nanna to briefly stray from the CODE. It is unlikely that a nanna will be carried on to the field of play by a third party but for the sake of completeness that brief moment may also be CODE free.

All Nanna MOM (Man of Match) voting will be undertaken in strict coherence to the CODE. It is up to each Nanna to match the actions of another Nanna to the CODE and it is possible Nannas may have a differing interpretations of how the CODE relates to incidents on or off or entering or leaving or being carried to or from the field. This difference in interpretation is what makes a Nanna, it’s how he/she places him or herself within the CODE and how he/she feels others have responded to the challenges that the CODE thrusts upon us all.

The CODE is not a hinderance, nor is it meant to restrain, it is simply there to guide, to nurture and to uplift Nannas. In times of need it is there to fall back on and in times of great joy it is there like an extra twenty dollar note in your pocket, a bonus, an extra beer or maybe a kebab on the way home.

To live by the CODE is to live like a Nanna and a CODE living Nanna is sure to get a MOM.

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