Nannas Match Report 071101a

Nannas A Vs The Golden Nannas | 7-6 ?
CB, DC, RH, TH, TW, TK, AW, CG (goals to be confirmed)

After much unresolved discussion regarding the substitution policy of a “loose 8” the Nannas were left high and dry by whoever the fvck they were meant to be playing. No matter, the Nannas would fight it out amongst themselves. in The Brown corner under Captain Kondo (Woohoo! very great to have Takeshi back in the nanna fold) were DC, RG & AW, in the golden corner guided by Captain Gill were CB,TW & TH. Four aside means one thing, running. Nannas A started brightly and were looking good but The Golden Nannas started slicing us up and were soon well in front. In the second half the tables turned and Nannas A pulled it back ( a notable Hleb-esque strike from RH). It was neck and neck (though the golden nannas were in reciept of an own goal) when TW was heard to yelp before crumpling to the ground. Down to 3 men the Golden Nannas put up a valiant fight (whilst Nannas A seemed to go into slow mo) but it wasn’t enough, AW sliding home the nutmeg* winner in the dying minute…

but back to the subbing, dual goalie controversy. Le Coq Numerique has gone part way to solving the problem.


…but wait there’s more. At the pub after the game The Nannas were treated to a sneak preview of the wonders of the CHDK firmware hack . Which is of special interest to the G7 owners in the crowd. Kudos to Guy “reach around” Fraser for wording up the author…

* possibly inaccurate

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