Match Report 111013

5-5 vs Hampton St Fc, Wesley, 9.20pm

DC, GF, CG (gk) 1, RH1, TH, TK 1,TW2
mom TK

Well, we started really well in the best form. Most importantly, we were passing well, keeping the ball at the front, running back quick and defending as a wall.
As the result, we have got few goals quickly. It started by my lucky goal then followed by RH’s the most beautiful heal kick goal, CG’s magic tomahawk goal, TW’s lightning goals.

At the start of the second half, everyone must felt really good what we were doing. So all went super tight until last 4 minutes.
How could we loose 4 goals in 4 minutes? Hey, It was matter of focusing. No communication and no tactics. The score was draw but there was a heavy feeling.
A big kudos for CG stopped at least 8 goals. One of the location manager of Wesley kept saying we should buy a case of beer for him.

Instead of buying the case, we went to a bar then CG and myself were rejected by the door bitch. so my report ends here.. what happened after the night.. I hope everyone is still alive..

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