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Nannas vs Pornstars Forum 28062012

4-3GF (2 MOM), DC (MOM), TK (MOM), CG, JH (1),TH, AW

I have read these letters with a feverish excitement for many years, but never thought I would actually be writing my own.
It all started a week ago at a gangbang at a local college. I had recently returned to Melbourne after 10 years in London, and some nanna friends invited me along, thinking I would get a kick out of meeting some new people, with no clothes on, and secret cameras everywhere. Anyway…I hadn’t beeen laid in years so I figured I had nothing to lose. Boy, was I wrong…

Any team of gangbangers that’s called the pornstars is asking to be fucked pretty majorly, and the nanna’s went out there with the best intentions of showing them some unique and bewildering moves.

They were Pornstars alright, but not classy Vivid girls like Janine Lindemueller and Raquel Darrien, but skanky heavilly tattooed and mulleted East German looking pornstars with a negative attitude who are into rough stuff.

That’s, what we were dealing with, this night. That’s what we, tried to tame here, this night.

But some people are kinda wild, and shouldn’t be messed with, because they have crabs and criminal records for home invasion and shit.

And unfortunately the pornstars we got it on with were in the latter category. There was no bikini bus, no complimentary claw shandy, just a lot of rough stuff and bad sportsmanship from these craven hussies.

Pornstars have holes, and it was our job to smash through these holes, and that we did, for the first half. Initially it was Jim, on holiday and looking for some action who forced a heavy salvo into goal, and then with Cocky’s encouragement I lined the g(o)al up and shot one in. And then to my immense delight, Cocky lined another one up for me, and I sent it balls deep one more time. I was having a great time, and then second half happened and it all went wrong. But that’s another story.