Match Report 2009_10_22

Nannas vs ??
Won 3-1
CB 1 (MOM), DC 1, RH, TW, TH, AW, CG

There is an unfortunate correlation between the number of MOM votes received and the lucidity of memory pertaining to the game for which the votes are received. Unfortunate in that the greater the number of votes received the duller and more obscured are the facts of the game.

There is something in the euphoria of the moment of realising that your brothers have voted for you that seems to precipitate this amnesiac effect. The thrill in the knowledge that out of all the fine, determined and valiant performances on display this night it is you and you alone who has been singled out to receive the honour of MOM (unless of course there is a double/triple/quadruple/quintuple/sextuple/septuple/octuple/novtuple or dectuple MOM. But that is another story…). The giddiness of knowing that for that night only you are the best of the best, the bravest of the brave, the most skilful of the skilled, the most rock-hard of the rock-hards. The narcotic effect on brain and heart as well as the sudden loss of blood to the inexplicable engorging of the nether member renders one quite incapable of recalling specific events of the game.

But we did win. We won. And one of them broke their wrist really badly and had to be taken to hospital and all of the Nannas went and ate 3 chili chicken at somewhere dainty apart from me and Rhian. We went to the convent and worked on Urchin. Then Wal and Gilly did an after party at Black Cat with “monster” tunes apparently.

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