Match Report 091001

7 – 1 Victorious over F.C.
TH 1(MOM), DC 2?, JH 2?, TW 1?, RH 1?, AW, CG(gk), CB 1?

Like a prancing Arabian stallion, its let legs trotting ever so precisely – yet somehow mechanically – so too the Nannas went a jaunting through the sandy equestrial arena that was non-allegorically just the pit lane building court number 5 in the Albert Park. Their chins up as a chinaman’s soup bowl, they took to the court with a grin and a hearty back-slap, deep in their proud hearts was the true knowing that Nanna on Nanna (intrananna) recriminations would be intolerably viewed upon by their fellow Nanna bretheren and thus feeling freed from their brothers judgemental and potenially spurnfull eyes and likewise feeling the doubly compounded freedom from their own judgmental release the Nannas entered the fray with a spring in their step quite reminiscent of their old chum and smoking companion Springton Mr Brassyfield the III whose current whereabouts is as of this moment unknown. With the Atlasean weight of Judgement removed and Periclean death sword of judging likewise missing, the gay hearts of the Nanna men had the black cloud of doubt removed from its overhead area, hence allowing the sunshine of all the lovely things to rain down upon its little ventricles and other heartish anatomical features both of the actual physiology and also of the more ephemeral things that are associated with the heart. With the sunshine of all the lovely things in their hearts the Nannas were, quite frankly, cock-a-hoot with smiles and chumly touchings, because the sunshine of all the lovely things is a potent barbiturate when administered directly to the heart, engulfing it and swamping it with all the lovely things, like happiness and good times and peace of mind and respect and a firm hand-shake and touch upon the thigh and chicken broth soup and it were as though all the Nannas were playing on the most beautiful of meadows with wildflower and the like, possibly a cascade off in the distance – it’s dulcet roar muted by the distance. Then one Nanna pushed someone and they got a penalty and we went to the railway for a beer, the end.

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