Match Report 090917

6-4 Loss to Gassius Clay
TH(MOM), RH, TW, DC 1, JH 1, AW, CG(GK) (one own goal, one uniform infringement goal)

A man goes on a journey and is lost to his comrades for many a week, through the end of one season and into the start of another he neither feels the sweet smack of leather on the end of his boot, nor savours the taste of beer sweetened by the companionship of Nannas. He walks the earth alone, a Nanna alone, a lone Nanna. When he returns things are different. The surroundings, though familiar, he has not seen for a long time. The opposition too have changed. The ref is from a bygone era. Into the fray he steps and things aren’t great. He finds himself battling the pushies – always pushing they were – and when the Nannas push back the ref doesn’t like it. Regardless of the pushiness the Nannas don’t really play that well, they are not singing the song of sweet harmony, they are not carefree, they are tied down in their minds, dwelling on the bad times. For a patch in the first half they pressure well, they up the intensity, they compete. In their minds they are living for the moment, not thinking about what might have been, not trying to tell other Nannas how to play, but this falls away and a malaise blankets them.

Empty your minds Nannas.
Exist to compete.
Focus on the moment at hand.
Dwell not on what might have been.
Impose your will on the game, not through conscious thought, but through effort.
Give 100% and back up on your every move.
Smile and share the love.

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