Match Report 130509

win 5-2
CB 1, DC(MOM) 2, CG(MOM) 1, GF, TH(MOM) 1, TW, AW

Sometimes Old King Lion is pissed off, there’s little ants biting the inside of his nose, it’s too hot in the African sun, the hyenas are making too much noise and generally being cockheads about it all, as a result his mind is not focused and pursuant to this his performance suffers.

Other times Old King Lion is very relaxed, he’s just hanging out on the Savannah, his balls being licked by whatever small mammal does not want to be eaten by him, there’s a bit of a breeze coming off the lake where the flamingos frolic as the sun goes down creating a vista to marvel at, he’s being served freshly cured antelope jerky and he is in what you may call a zen like state, a state where no frustration resides in his belly, in such a state he will fuck you up a thousand ways, barely raising a sweat.

Suffice it to say it was the latter of the two states Old King Lion found himself in this Thursday past. Despite the fact he was staring down an ugly angry bunch of most unsportsmanlike jackles -who probably had the edge on him- he kept his grin on, and never really looked like losing.

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