Match Report 110915

6-4 vs Decepticons, Wesley 8.40
CB 3 (MOM), DC 2, GF(welcome back[on field]), RH, TH(MOM + GK), TW 1, AW

Once a pon a time a band of fucking men made a vow to be HEROOOES together forever, because brothers are brothers and we never separate or surrender or leave another man behind and we’ll always be the Nannas and you can’t break the bond of blood and victory its a bond like forged steel reinforced titanium carbon fibre bonded tungsten plaited adamantite spider’s silk that is tougher than an axe or a chainsaw or a blow torch or a gas axe or a semi-trailer driven at speeds unheard of with a goddamned spiked bullbar with toy baby heads with little daubs of red paint around the severed heads to simulate blood and hard-core toughness like bloody knuckles and leather jackets with studs and concrete and all the things that describe how tough a thing would have to be to break the toughest bond that was the bond that the men made together… forever… no exceptions… never give up… never walk away… THEN ONE MAN WALKED AWAY! And went to live in a hole, a fucking hole for christ’s sake, a fucking dirty keuzer’s hole, and he lived in it for a really long time, a bit like this scat muncher right here:

And the men didn’t need him or remember his name or talk of him when they were drinking or laugh at his old dumb jokes or cry a little when they thought of him when they were alone and thinking of the good fun times they had or wish he was back or even want his fat dumb head back… Then he came back, and apart from a total fuckwit move on the dinner voting one night it was like he’d never even gone, and a great team was complete once more, and in honour of his first game back on the field we smashed the jnr decepticons mostly on the counter-attack, and Rhian, to prove his deep love thought long and hard and took us all to Belgian Beer Cafe. Sorry to have to be a cunt about it.

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