Match Report 20110602 Part 2/4

5-4 Loss to Pornstars

TH(mom), CB 2(mom), TK gk(mom), JH 2(mom?), RH(mom?), TW, AW, DC (coach)

So many moms, like home time at kindergarten, like the waiting room at the Royal Children’s Hospital, like free knitting wool day at Costco…

Once when the Nannas were child Nannas not knowing the toughness of the game, or angles of a futsal pitch, or what brown meant we all used to spend our Thursdays getting drunk and doing hot knives at Rhian’s and Pete’s and Chassy’s and Little Hazey’s and Lisa Carol Bayer Sager’s and Janet’s “warehouse” in Alfred Lord Sir Tennyson st. Rhian would make a bbq out of left over asbestos, lead, mercury, carbon fibre and other noxious rare earth elements and then fire it up using treated pine and dried out lost dog cadaver’s that he processed into long burning brick-dog-ettes using techniques from Dunedin that’s saved the South Island many a time from the ravages of an Antarctic winter, made worse by the fact that they’d clear felled all the burnable wood to make room for pot plantations and back yard stills. Cocky would, by necessity, do double the drugs of anyone else and throw in an exotic hallucinogen for good measure and then proceed to attempt to document the experience by whatever means of technology he had found in a dumpster or managed to scam from a funding body or arts benefactor. About 15 minutes in to Cocky’s attempted documentation Janet would get angry with him, for little or no reason other than he was failing to show her the attention she desired. I used to ride my bike through the park from North Melbourne, pick up some sausages and beer on the way and try to chat up the single ladies. Even back then I was tactical, I used to worry about the long term effects of a bbq made from barium combined with arsenic smoked supermarket sausages, whilst trying to keep my pot and beer consumption below that of my body weight. They were the golden days, the halcyon days of good times and stacking your bike drunk. We nearly scored an abandoned convertible Alfa Romeo, Rhian had a PC and everyone’s erections lasted forever. Yep…


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